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GBS is the global ecosystem comprising independent teams that offer back-office services either individually or in collaboration to guide businesses through challenges.

We aim to help our clients to release their full potential by handling their operational needs.

We are looking for a talented PPC Specialist for one of our clients.

At Risk.Inc, we are the mavericks of the gaming and wagering industry, where taking bold chances is our core philosophy. In an arena where digital entertainment and betting merge, we’re the trailblazers venturing into the unexplored. Our mission is to forge ahead with pioneering solutions that challenge the status quo. Our vision? To outpace the competition in seizing new markets and to perfect the art of swift and effective establishment in the international gaming sector. Dare to join Risk.Inc., and be part of the team reshaping the betting and gambling world. Embrace the chance to redefine industry standards and create your legacy with us.

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Managing PPC budgets exceeding $10,000, ensuring optimal allocation for maximum impact;
  • Navigating and optimizing advertising accounts on various platforms, including Google, and Facebook;
  • Providing cohort analysis to enhance campaign performance;
  • Possessing a deep understanding of the marketing funnel and utilizing this knowledge to strategize and implement effective PPC campaigns at every stage;
  • Hypothesis Generation and A/B Testing;
  • Collecting and analyzing statistics, interpreting the success of tests and advertising campaigns to derive actionable insights that inform strategic decisions;
  • Creating comprehensive media plans, aligning strategies with organizational goals to drive successful PPC campaigns.

Essential professional experience:

  • 3+ years of experience in PPC;
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Google, and Facebook advertising;
  • Strong analytical skills, including cohort analysis and understanding of the marketing funnel;
  • A/B testing experience and the ability to generate and test hypotheses;
  • Familiarity with key metrics such as ROI, ROMI, LTV, ARPU, and ATPU;
  • Proficiency in analytics tools, with experience in BI tools like Tableau being a plus;
  • Ability to collect and interpret statistical data for actionable insights;
  • Experience in creating effective media plans.

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